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Forum Wide Rules! Empty Forum Wide Rules!

Post by XDKiNgKoNgXD on Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:51 am

Welcome to the Minecraft Forums!

First of all, we are in no way affiliated to Steam Or Valve.

On this forum we have a little set of rules that you MUST ablidge to before posting, Failiure to comprehend to this set of rules could see you with warnings and bans.


1. No Swearing - The younger generation play games too you know!
2. No Racism Or Sexism - This will result in a Permanant Ban from this Forum!
3. No Multiple Accounts - If you have a good reason for having a 2nd account, contact a staff member first!
4. Think Before You Post - Sensible, well-thought-out, legible posts are easier to understand!
5. Stay On Topic - Don't derail threads with your own conversation!

And Lastly.... Have Fun!

Our Warning System:

1st Warning - Warning-only consequence.
2nd Warning - 3 Day Ban.
3rd Warning - 1-week Ban.
4th Warning - Warning in name only. If you get a fourth Warning, expect a Permaban.

And lastly from me, Welcome And Have Fun!


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